The start to living a healthier life- Small changes

Well here we are. 2018 already. Fast moving world, everything happening in a blink of an eye and we are struggling to stay ahead in live. Work is taking over all our time and technology is controlling our lives. Where do you get time to better yourself and work on your health and fitness live. Well maybe I can help you with a few simple hacks to start improving your overall health and mindset about healthy living.

First things first. It all starts with a simple change of mindset. Tell yourself that you are going to take the time to do the little bit of extra effort to walk rather than to take the elevator or you are going to stand up 15 minutes earlier in the morning to make yourself a proper bowl of oatmeal rather than stacking a bunch sugary cereal into a bowl and mixing it with milk on your way to work. Just making that small change in your mindset will cost nothing but a little bit of motivation and after no time you will realize that it has become a part of your lifestyle. After it has become a part of your lifestyle you will come to see that taking the stairs and making oatmeal in the morning has become habits and it just fits into your daily routine as anything else. Give it a try…

Let’s look at nutrition

Living a fitness lifestyle it did not take me to long to realize how important nutrition is and what a impact it can have on your daily energy levels, productivity and overall well being. This counts if you are a active person or not!

Try these 3 tips…

Let’s start small. Focus on making small changes and keeping to it. SUGARS!!! We all know that sugars is not great for you. But lets not make it a big problem. If you are a person with a sweet tooth who loves a chocolate or 2 or a teaspoon or 3 try and bring it down to 1 teaspoon and half a chocolate and see how it goes #tip number 1. Remember it is all about moderation. Love eating big plates of food and filling up properly. Hmmm maybe this could mean bad news for your bathroom scale….or not? Tip number 2- If you are a big eater(as I am) focus on going green and keeping calorie dense foods lower. For example a simple plate of chicken, rice, sauce and veg. Keep your portions of sauce and chicken the same and swap a small bit of rice for veg and you won’t believe the difference. My final tip with regards to nutrition would be to always keep an open mind when eating takeaways. Being busy means eating takeaways is inevitable but let’s make the best of it. MacDonald’s anyone? Yes lets hack a MacDonald’s meal and make it as guilt free as possible. Before ordering the biggest double stack beef patty burger and large fries think again. Take she small beef burger or even better, a grilled chicken burger and instead of fries take a small wrap or salad(can even take a large salad and increase bulk of meal). If you want to better the meal even more ask for no sauce or sauce on the side(you can at MacDonald’s I’ve done it before). And there you have it, guilt free takeaways.

These are just a few tips to improve on your eating habits. Try them for a few weeks and see how it catches on. You won’t believe, before you know it this will just be a way of living and does not take thinking twice to make the healthier decision .

Get up get active

For now forget about going to the gym or doing 7 km runs every morning. It is hard to be more active when you work a 9-5 office job. That does not mean we can’t change it up a bit to get you up and going. Here are 3 tips on being more active:

#Number 1- Set yourself step goals. Most of us have smartphones that count your daily steps. Set your first goal at 3000 and see how long you can keep it up. Crank it up a notch if you see you can hit the targeted goal easily and get yourself a goal you can stick to. Increase your steps by going to the toilets the furthest to your office, park bit further away form your office than usual or take your mid-morning coffee for 10 min walk outside and before you know it your steps is completed.                                                        #Number 2- Do some stretching. Stretching is a wonderful way to get your body going in the morning and it has loads of mental and physical benefits. Take 5-10 minutes before going to bed and after standing up and dedicate it to stretching. Go on google and find a few nice stretching moves that you like and do them every morning  and evening. This will help you feel better and more energetic in the mornings. Stretching will also improve your posture and overall muscle function.                                                                      #Number 3- Nobody works 24/7. All of us have weekends and days off from work. Utilize those days by taking your loved one or pets for a walk to the nearest coffee shop or if you need a few small groceries, take a walk to the nearest groceries store. Invite some friends for a walk on the beach. Be creativdepositphotos_120387490-stock-photo-fruity-biker-healthy-food-concepte and think of nice things to do to get the activity up. Always seek for new effective ways to move around more and increase your daily energy expenditure.

I hope this few short tips will be beneficial to you. I personally encourage any person to try them out and see things start to change. This will lead to a new healthier and happier you. All the best…

JW Le Roux

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Fitness enthusiasts living the fitness lifestyle. Passion for nutrition and adventures...

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