My 12 week transformation: Nutrition is key


Recently I went through my first competition prep as a competitive sports model. I started dieting at 12 weeks and the results where astonishing. Just from making a few changes in the quantities in my diet as well as the quality of carbs and proteins I consumed.  This is a short overview of the 12 weeks and what I ate as well as things I learnt about how you can get crazy results without being too strict on yourself in terms of diet and training(no supplements was used in this 12 weeks). I lost a total of 6 kilograms over this time.IMG_20181005_185709

Note: The diet I had to follow was a strict bodybuilding diet with prioritised “cheat meals”. I am not following this diet all through the year but will definitely incorporate an abundance of the foods in my  off-season plan.

So to start with my main carbohydrates sources came from rice cakes, oats and basmati rice. Proteins from hake fillets, chicken and egg whites. Fiber from broccoli and baby marrows. My fats where very limited but these came from almond and cashew nuts. I put a lot of emphasis on meal frequency as this will speed up your metabolism and burn fat quicker. 5-6 meals a day is what I was aiming for. I know this may sound a lot but the meals where reasonably small. The transformation process just once again made me realise how important nutrition is. The quality of your food is what is going to make the difference. Getting 50 grams of carbohydrates from bread is not going to get you the same results as getting 50 grams of carbohydrates from rice.

In terms of your own personal diet try and incorporate a bit more of these foods into it. Don’t go all out and try and follow a bodybuilders diet as it is not sustainable(these diets are only followed temporary). Make some small changes like eating less bread and changing it up with rice. Even try switching up from red meats to lighter protein sources like hake and chicken. It made a huge difference in my energy levels, training and physique just by cutting out some empty carbs and foods from refined sources.


So what I’ve learned from this 12 week transformation process is that quality of food is crucial in any active persons diet. It will help you perform better in the sport you do and will take your results to the next level in no time. There is no need to go into the bodybuilding books and follow a chicken breast and broccoli eating plan. Just make some small substitutions so you follow a sustainable eating plan and not a diet.

Now I can incorporate these foods in my normal day to day eating plan(I prefer using the word eating plan as “diet” means doing it for a certain time like a few weeks or months and then going off it as to eating plan is more a way of live and something you can stick to) and still get great results without losing my hard earned work.

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