My 12 week transformation: Nutrition is key


Recently I went through my first competition prep as a competitive sports model. I started dieting at 12 weeks and the results where astonishing. Just from making a few changes in the quantities in my diet as well as the quality of carbs and proteins I consumed.  This is a short overview of the 12 weeks and what I ate as well as things I learnt about how you can get crazy results without being too strict on yourself in terms of diet and training(no supplements was used in this 12 weeks). I lost a total of 6 kilograms over this time. Continue reading My 12 week transformation: Nutrition is key

One of the biggest nutrition mistakes we all tend to make. Fix this and be sure to see results!


Oats, sweet potato, lean protein and veggies(just to name a few)…all good right?? Maybe not always.

So if these healthy foods are a staple in most of our diets and is used to fuel our day to day lives. Great!! But that is step 1. It is so important to get quality macro nutrients (Proteins, carbohydrates, fats) in every day. You just have to get the correct amounts in, and that is where most of us go wrong.

Let’s remember when trying to lose weight it is all about calories in vs calories out. When wanting to lose weight you want to be burning more calories than you consume so that your body uses fat stores for energy. This will mean you are in a calorie deficit. Then we look at food intake in terms of quality. It is crucial that we get our macro nutrients from whole food sources which contains quality macro nutrients. This will include foods like brown rice, quinoa, lean meats, potatoes, yams, whole wheat bread, avocado, nuts and veggies just to name a few. But with this said there is a common misconception most people have about eating healthy foods. Eating healthy and “clean” foods does not mean you can eat as much as you want of it.


Most people living a healthy lifestyle thinks if they switch it up from eating burgers and pizzas to having sweet potatoes and oats means that they can eat as much of it as they want to. This is not true. If you eat too much you will gain weight no matter how healthy your food source is. You can obviously eat more of the healthier food than unhealthy food because it is not so calorie dense. For example, take French fries. A medium serving of French fries will be equal to 2 large servings of roasted vegetables (Remember this when ordering sides at a restaurant). So yes you can technically eat more healthy food than oily unhealthy foods but you have to remember there are limits and you have to stick to them. “Binging” on healthy foods does not help towards fat loss as you will create a calorie surplus resulting in weight gain.

So for the future keep quantities in mind when you are not seeing any positive feedback from your bathroom scale. See if the amounts of food you consume can be the culprit of your weight loss plateau rather than the quality(although quality is very important). Change it up and see what happens.

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How to get over a training slump and enjoy your training again…

From time to time we all go through a time where we just don’t have any motivation to train and standing up every morning knowing you must go train gives you a negative feeling in your gut. Well that is all natural and in this article I am going to give you a few handy tips on how to get over this training slump.

The reason why you may be getting fed up with training could be because it is boring you. Sticking to  the same training regime for months on end will eventually burn you out and even your results will plateau. Start by changing things up. Get a new program or change your style of training. This will help to put some versatility in your training. For example, if you are use to circuit type training, change it up and start doing weight sessions maybe once or twice a week another example is if you are a bodybuilder type weightlifter who trains for an hour or so with long rests between sets go over to 30 minute sessions where you pick up the intensity. This change in training regimes will not only help you psychologically but physically as the change in training will shock your body by doing something different and working the muscles differently. In this way you can reach your goals quicker and see the results just from making some small changes.maxresdefault

Get a training partner… it’s always nice having someone backing you while you are training. Ask one of your friends or someone you know has the same goals and training methods as you to join you for a session. This can also benefit you if you are looking to lift some heavy weights as they can “spot” you which will help you push yourself past your limits. It can also be a good bonding session for you and your friend. Having a training partner can be fun and motivating so make sure to choose the right one so you do not stray off your goals. Joining training classes can also be an option. By doing this you open yourself to meeting new people and learning new training methods that you may have never thought about.

Make a change in environment. Become a member at a new gym or take a different route when you go for a jog. Seeing new things and people when going to train can be psychologically pleasing as you might get tired of seeing the same people in the gym and running past the same old building every day.


If all else fails purchase yourself some new training clothes and accessories. I know I always feel better when going training in a new gym t-shirt or new joggers. I feel like a little kid wanting to use his new toy for the first time. So go and buy yourself something nice that you can train in/with. As it is with me, it feels like my confidence goes up and there is just new urge inside of me to go and smash my next session. ( check out this page for some great quality gym clothes and use my discount code jwfit05 for great deals).

Use these handy tips to elevate your training motivation and get back on tract to start enjoying the process again. Remember to keep your passion for training alive and enjoy every moment…

JW Le Roux

Training: The mind muscle connection for optimal results

Under 10 minutes healthy meals on a budget

Are you a busy person who sometimes feels that there is no time to make healthy and enjoyable meals? Or do you just dread standing hours in the kitchen making food. Well if you are, feel free to try some of these great ideas to speed up the food making process and make it suit your busy lifestyle. These meals are all easy on the budget and you can save a lot by just making these quick and simple meals rather than buying unhealthy, expensive takeaways.

Rice Cakes…

tortitas_de_arroz_con_atunIf I think of quick and simple meals the first think that jumps to my mind is rice cakes. Make sure you are always fully stocked with these jewels. It is incredibly filling and there is so many ways in which you can utilize this carb source to make the ultimate meals. So just be creative spread some of your favorite spreads like avocado, cottage cheese or any of your favorite nut butters on. Add some extra biltong or something meaty if you want to add some volume to the meal. Personally I enjoy cottage cheese, cucumber and tuna on my rice cake and second in line would definitely be avocado spread on top (make in a burger format if you are afraid of it smudging in your tupperware). An interesting one to try out is to make a cereal out of your rice cakes. This is a handy post training meal. Simply pack your rice cakes into a tupperware and take it with when you go training. After training take your post workout shake with water or milk (protein supplement of choice) and crumble your rice cakes into the shake. If you manage to get the right consistency you will get that great tasting rice crispie like crunch that tastes like a cheat meal.

Creamy-Oats-with-Summer-Fruits-and-Peanut-Butter-1-400x400Any person that is health conscious knows that oats is an amazing food source which is rich in fibre and carries a wonderful balance of good fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Oats is such a versatile food. You can add literally anything to it. I usually fill my bowl of oats with my desired amount of oats and add water until all the oats is under water (all about how you prefer your consistency). Pop it into the microwave for 2 minutes and there you have it. Now you can be creative. Add your favorite fruits, nut butters, cinnamon, protein powders or be the plain salted person. Now how long did that take you? 5 minutes?

Go for some fish. Canned tuna is packed in lean proteins and is great to add to a range of vegetables or salads. Tuna is the ultimate protein source if you are buying on a budget. This can replace your more expensive proteins such as red meats and chicken. Add some tuna to your salad or load up a bowl of tuna with some peas, lettuce, tomato and sweetcorn. This balanced meal is filling and contains a range of nutrients to power your day. Tuna sandwiches is always a great go-to meal that can be made in no time… I would recommend adding a little bit of sauce or cottage cheese to your tuna meals as it tends to be dry.

Blackbeans and chickpeas are great options to consider. The internet is filled with great recipes where you can incorporate them. They are easy to find and so convenient as it is mostly available canned. Both these food types are low in calories and can be used to make low calorie meals. They are vegan friendly and chickpeas has a relatively high protein content.

Proteins is such an important nutrient in any active persons diet and is the cornerstone to muscle recovery. That is why our next quick muscle meal is all about eggs. Boil yourself some eggs. Eggs has a great balance of proteins to fats. Fats in eggs are very healthy but if you are looking to stray away from the fats just stay with the white part. Boiling eggs will take you around 8 minutes depends on how you enjoy them. Some nice “extras” you can have with your eggs include avocado, some slices of ham/bacon and obviously your favorite spices or put it on some toast as a sandwich with some lettuce tomato and whatever else you enjoy. Use cottage cheese on your sandwich as a healthy alternative to butter. This will also help you reduce the fat content your meal.Image result for boiled egg

It does not get easier and simpler than that. All of these meals takes no longer than 10 minutes to make and contains all the nutrients you need to smash the day. Not to mention easy on your bank account. These simple meals can especially be incorporated as post or pre-workout meals. No more excuses for missing meals and being hungry. Try some of these quick meals or snacks if you want to call it that. Now you will never have to settle for the unhealthy takeaways that makes you feel guilty all the time. Go healthy the easy way!

JW Le Roux

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Training: The mind muscle connection for optimal results

We all know that in order to make progress in the gym you have to work hard and strive to be better than before. But is the secret to progress measured in sweating more and and doing more sets/reps of a certain exercise. Yes it is to a certain extent but let’s talk about something a lot of people tend to forget when working out. The mind muscle connection..

A lot of people tend to go to the gym and tell themselves “ok I’ve got 45 minutes to crush myself” then they do a workout full throttle sweating and killing it, but how effective was that workout? Where you focusing on form and working the muscle or where you just going thru the motions? Sometimes especially when we do high intensity sessions we tend to forget about working the muscle and all our focus goes into just finishing the workout as fast as possible. This way of high intensity training can be effective but maybe if you just change things up a little bit you can make your workout so much more effective. Forget about just getting your weights from A to B and start focusing on actually contracting the muscle and feeling the muscle work. Especially with your isolation exercises. Still take your 45 min or how long you are planning to train and slow things down a bit. Increase your focus. Use your muscles when training and make sure it is not all momentum. Work on the muscle, not on the weights. In the end that is what we go to the gym for right? To work our muscles..

So for your next workout or even your next outdoor walk get your muscles going. When walking drive with your legs and make them work. In the gym, connect your mind to your muscles and go smash it!


JW Le Roux

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